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Busy year? Yup. 2017 knocked me on my butt.

In addition to starting Reclamation Press, I co-taught an art class, made tons of art, and gave lots of talks.

2017 was a challenging, hard, exasperating year. The national political scene brought cutbacks that are slowly killing disabled folks. We spent so much energy just fighting to not lose more. There was no going forward. A very heartbreaking year as we lost over and over again and some of us died because of the changes.

The bright spots, as always, are the people. Alice Wong grew the Disability Visibility Project into a multimedia center providing us all with an amazingly deep resource. She is perhaps one of the great not-yet-discovered gems.

Alice Shepherd used 2017 to create a powerful breath-taking dance piece with dance Laurel Lawson and lighting designer Michael Maag. The world premiere is at the end of March in New York City. It’s a must see event.

Disabled folks across the U.S. occupied federal offices to fight the cutbacks. The visuals of them being handcuffed and carried out in their wheelchairs helped nondisabled people to understand the severity of the cutbacks.

Thanks to social media I got to watch friend’s children grow up (a major source of joy for me). I became the “homework Auntie” for my youngest goddaughter which gave us weekly time together – an weekly joy.

If you’re interested in my book, Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History, 2nd edition, you can follow the publishing parts over at Reclamation Press and the more personal writing journey on this blog. I will be working on it for many more months.

I wish you all joy, health and knowing that you are loved.