This is an ever-growing list of stuff that I like. I organized it a bit by using keywords for each link. But you can find stuff most easily by just using “Find” on the page.

For example, Disability in Kid Lit has a primary category of “Disability Writing” but it also has keywords: kid lit, fiction, nonfiction, writing about disability, disabled writers, disability-led group, etc.

The “Find” function will just look for stuff on the Resources page. [“Find” usually pops up when you press Command and the letter F at the same time.] The ‘Search” box will look for that keyword all over the website.

I include a (Q) if they self-identify as “queer” and (POC) if they self-identify as a “person of color” and (D) if they identify as “disabled/person with a disability”.

All the descriptors are from my point of view.



Disability Clothesline  (D)
Originates from Australia
Topic: from the website:”About violence and abuse against people with disability”
Focus: Encourage people with disabilities to create t-shirts and hang them on clotheslines documenting their experiences with abuse and violence. Also maintains a list of disabled people who died from abuse, including bullying.
Keywords: Australia, violence, disabled people, social justice, t-shirt, art, public art, research, disability memorial


The Death of Al Bing 
Writer: Emily Titon (D)
Topic: death of Al Bing, a disabled man who lived in a group home and died from apparent medical neglect
Keywords:  value of disabled people’s lives, medical neglect, understaffing, group homes, lack of accountability




The Body Is Not An Apology (D, Q, POC)

Disability Visibility Project (D, POC)


The Things I’ll Never know : Reflections on BEDA/NEDA Conference 2017
Writer:   Andrea LaMarre
Topic:   fat prejudice among eating disorder professionals versus respectful listening and research with people about their relationship with food
Keywords: fat, community scholar, eating disorders, research, food insecurity, respectful listening, respectful research


Stephen Kuusisto (D) – Planet of the Blind
If you like to deep thinking mixed with a superb artistic voice, this site’s for you.

Alice Wong (D, POC)Disability Visibility Project
podcasts, interviews, articles, Twitter chats, Storifies of those chats, daily postings of resources. This is my go-to resource for all things disability.

Mishell Baker (D) -fiction, Borderline

Corinne Duvyis (D, Q) -novelist, science fiction and fantasy

Meriah Hudson (formerly Nichols) (D)
Photo project 365 Days of Disability and blogging about her life as a disabled 3rd culture mom with 3 kids, one of whom has Down Syndrome.



Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (D, POC, Q)

Krip-Hop Nation (D, POC, Q)

Not Dead Yet | The Resistance (D, POC)

Self-Advocates Become Empowered (D, POC)

Sins Invalid (D, POC, Q)



Alillia Johnson (D, POC, Q)

Chun-Shan Sandie Yi (D, POC)

Katherine Sherwood (D)

Leroy Moore (D, POC)

Naomi Ortiz (D, POC)

Riva Lehrer (D, Q)

Sunaura (Sunny) Taylor (D)

Tamara Natalie Madden (D, POC)


Disability in Kid Lit  (D,Q,POC) reviews of children’s literature from disability perspectives, lots of resources on writing and disability

Deaf Poets Society (D,Q,POC) online magazine publishing professional art, fiction and poetry by disabled people. Their Manifesto is a Must Read.