Nude Images

photograph of the back of a manual wheelchair. A large bodied naked woman sits in the chair. The back of the wheelchair is covered with an intricate rope design made with pink rope.

This image is part of the “Wheelchair Bound” series. I am exploring the intersections of sexuality, sexual imagery, rope bondage, disabled bodies, large bodies and disability equipment, in this case a manual wheelchair. This is the beginning of the project so these three images are potential prototypes of professionally made images.

Photograph of the legs of a pale skinned large bodied woman. Pink rope wraps around her legs encasing both her skin and her lower leg brace and orthopedic shoes.

This second image explores medical bondage as shown through the orthopedic shoes and lower leg brace and rope bondage as shown with the pink rope wrapped around the shoes and brace and spreading onto the skin.

Sideways view of a large bodied naked woman sitting in a manual wheelchair. She is shown from the side view. Her legs are encased in pink rope. Her hand and wrist are attached to the wheelchair wheel in purple rope.

The third image explores the idea of immobility. When the hand is bound to the wheelchair neither the arm nor the wheelchair can move.

Multimedia. Photograph of a large bodied light skinned woman is photographed from the back. On her buttocks and legs are stenciled 30,000 year old goddess images in embroidery. She is mounted on a puffy green textured background. Piece is 12 inches square.

This is from the Goddesses Then and Now series. I found various photographs of large bodied women and images of ancient (30,000 years old) Goddesses, I printed the photographs onto fabric. Then embroidered the ancient Goddess images onto the women’s bodies. Then I placed it onto a padded fabric background and lightly quilted the image onto the background.

This photograph is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced. It is from the wonderful French fashion magazine Vol.Up.2. So please do not use this. It is here to show you my work.

Photograph of 3 large bodied women of different skin tones embroidered with ancient Goddess stencils on a flame background.

In 2007 Leonard Nimoy (of Star Trek fame) photographed large bodied women for the book The Full Body Project. This image, a recreation of the Three Graces, captivated me. So I blew each image up and embroidered them individually. Then I placed them on this flaming fabric. I like this image so much I made three different backgrounds for them but this one is my favorite.

This photograph is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced. It is owned by the Leonard Nimoy estate. So please do not use this. It is here to show you my work.

large bodied light skinned woman sits facing the camera. Her head and lower legs are not visible. On her broad naked body are embroidered stencils of ancient Goddess images.

After a year of working with the wonderful drawings of ancient Goddesses, I wanted to get more personal. As part of the Wheelchair Bound project I had images taken of my body. As a nontraditional bodied person this was an exploration in self-love. I decided to use one of the photographs of my nude body and embroider ancient Goddess images onto it. When I showed the image in my art classes and at art shows I did not disclose that this was my body. So I am doing that here.