Corbett Joan OToole

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Corbett Joan OToole is an elder in disability communities, writer, publisher at Reclamation Press, public speaker and artist. For over 40 years she’s focused on issues of importance to disabled women and queers. A sought after speaker she is available for virtual presentations.

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~ ~ Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History, 2nd edition ~ ~

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Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History, 2nd edition book cover. Photograph of Chun-san (Sandie) Yi wearing latex shorts and plaster hand splints with holes for her surgical scars.

Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Nonfiction

The 2nd edition of this classic is back in print.  Join Corbett as she guides you through 40 years of disability rights histories.

Learn how disabled people secured legal rights.

Women’s March MUST READ Book

Two new chapters:

  • on WHY Disability history is Important
  • a new Afterword on Creating Accessible Texts