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The following essays are available to read here on the site. They represent a small cross-section of Corbett’s four decades of activism, research, and writing. This selection includes a number of topics presented to a wide range of audiences, including discussions about accessing health care, the intersection of Queer and Lesbian issues with disability, and more. The citations listed in the various publication genre pages include more essays like the small selection presented here, but access to research archival databases might be necessary to retrieve them, and some may no longer be indexed.

Directory of On-Site Essays

DPPI Article

Early Days in Berkeley

Finding Nemo

Health Care Overview for Girls and Young Women With Disabilities

No Reflection in the Mirror: Challenges for Lesbians Accessing Mental Health Services

Sex, Disability, and Motherhood: Access to Sexuality for Disabled Mothers

Sexuality and Disabled Parents With Disabled Children

The Sexist Inheritance of the Disability Movement