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Here is the list of scholarly journal articles by Corbett Joan OToole, in reverse chronological order. The list incorporates both digital and print articles.

O’Toole, C.J., Doe, T.  (2002) Re:Conceptions: Sexuality and Disabled Parents with Disabled Children.  Sexuality and Disability. Spring 2002, 20(1), 89-102.

O’Toole, C.J. (2000) The View From Below: Developing a Knowledge Base about an Unknown Population.  Sexuality and Disability, 18(3), 207-224.

O’Toole, C.J., D’aoust, V. (2000) Fit for Motherhood: Towards a Recognition of Multiplicity in Disabled Lesbian MothersDisability Studies Quarterly, Spring 2000, 20(2), 145-154.

O’Toole, C.J. (2002) Sex, disability and motherhood: Access to sexuality for disabled mothers. Disability Studies Quarterly, Fall 2002, 22(4), 81-101.

Corbett, K.  (1987). The Role of Sexuality and Sex Equity in the Education of Disabled WomenPeabody Journal of Education. Vol. 64, No. 4, Summer 1987.