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EBHQ quilt mockup for exportIn 2015 I made a series of art pieces documenting disabled children murdered by their parent(s) in 2015. This quilt will premiere at the at Voices in Cloth 2016 Quilt Show, a show of over 300 quilts in Richmond, CA. The image below is the design draft. I will replace it when the completed quilt. Image description is below the quilt.

EBHQ quilt mockup for exportEBHQ smaller

Image description: Large quilt (58″ wide x 90″ long) containing 14 blue squares and 3 text boxes on a blue background. From top to bottom (by rows):

Row 1: Large text: America’s Class of 2015: Disabled children murdered by their parents in 2015

Row 2 has 4 large blue squares, each containing a photograph of a child with their information below.

Emily Kaminski, Ezekial Castro, Malik Drummond, Aiden Archer

Row 3: text box: “There is no “mercy” in killing. No explanation that justifies taking a child’s life. It is simply murder. To say otherwise dishonors all the disabled children killed by the people they love.

One blue square: Janiya Thomas

Row 4: La’Marion Jordan, Owen Collins, Hayden Dukes, Ahziya Osceola

Row 5: One blue square: Julian Roary, Jr.

Text box: “We must be concerned not merely about who murdered them, but about the system, the way of life, the philosophy which produced the murderers.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Eulogy for the Martyred Children (1963)

Row 6: Hakan Erdem, Maxwell Peterson, Mieya Daniel, Angel Goodwin



EBHQ quilt mockup for export

EBHQ quilt mockup for export

EBHQ quilt mockup for export