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Honoring the dead is an important focus in my art. My first pieces documented the 1906 earthquake-related deaths of 107 disabled people incarcerated at the Agnews Insane Asylum near San Jose <LINK>.

The second piece was three small wall hangings remembering Laura Hershey, poet, writer, and international disabled feminist activist. <LINK>

Next came a large wall quilt honoring disabled women of color. It was made for the People of Color Caucus of the Society for Disability Studies to support their scholarship fund. It was purchased by Eugene Chelberg (disabled) and David NAME who graciously allow me to tour the quilt.

In 2015 I created four pieces all sharing one theme: disabled children murdered by their parents.

2015-1: Large (68″ x 90″) quilt highlighting 14 disabled children killed by their parents in 2015. <LINK> This piece is part of 2016 Voices in Cloth, March 19-20, 2016. <LINK>

2015-2: Interactive sculpture. The front side shows a disabled child who was killed by their parent(s) in 2015. The reverse side shows a news article about the murder. <LINK>

2015-3: 36″ x 42″ quilt top showing 12 disabled children killed by their parents. This is an adaptation of the large quilt (2015-1) but with a greatly reduced size. It can be printed on various fabrics or paper and is available through <LINK>

2015-4: digital copy of 2015-1 that can be used as an art image or a flyer