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  • Leroy Moore, Jr. is an African American disabled writer, poet, community activist, and feminist. He is the author of a spoken word CD and chapbook entitled Black Disabled Man with a Big Mouth & a High IQ, and his poems and articles have appeared in numerous publications.Leroy lectures regularly on the intersection of race and disability and is the founder of the Krip-Hop Project, which produces hip-hop mixtapes featuring disabled hip hop artists from around the world.

    Moore is also the co-founder and community relations director of Sins Invalid, a performance project on disability and sexuality that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, centralizing artists of color and queer and gender-variant artists as communities who have been historically marginalized from social discourse. His film-based collaboration with Todd Herman on disability and sexuality resulted in the internationally award-winning work Forbidden Acts.

    Moore’s work began in London, England where he discovered a Black Disabled Movement which led to the creation of his lecture series, “On the Outskirts: Race & Disability.” Since then, he has been a guest artist and lecturer in high schools and universities across the country and in Canada, the UK and the Netherlands.

    For more than ten years, Moore has also collected rare CDs, videos and articles from blind blues artists and hip hop artists with disabilities. With these, he has put together the groundbreaking BLACK DISABLED ART HISTORY 101 Power Point Presentation. Using images from blues and hip hop, peg leg dancers and Black disabled painters, authors, actors and actresses, he combines visuals with music and text about some of the artists.

    He has also interviewed hip-hop\soul\blues artists with disabilities, notably DJ Quad of LA, Paraplegic MC of Chicago, Rob DA Noize Temple of New York and the Blind Boys of Alabama.

    He is also producer and columnist of Illin-N-Chillin at Poor Magazine and has co-hosted radio shows at KPOO FM (San Francisco) and created Krip-Hop Radio on

    He is also one of the leading voices around police brutality and wrongful incarceration of people with disabilities.

    Moore’s presentation topics include:
    • Racism in the disabled community
    • Police brutality against people with disabilities of color
    • Media misrepresentation of people with disabilities of color
    • Hate Crimes against people with disabilities
    • Sexuality and Relationships of people of color with disabilities (Video)
    • Disability Art/culture movement in the US, UK and Africa
    • Hip Hop, Blues and Disabled Artists
    • Disabled African American History
    • The Black Church and Disability
    • Publishing Arena and people of color
    • The Black Disability Movement in the UK, South Africa and the US