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I created and donated this queen-size quilt for the People of Color Caucus of the Society for Disability Studies.  Purchased by a private collector, the sale generated $1,500 for the Chris Bell Scholarship Fund which benefits disabled people of color.

It is very hard to photograph because of its size.  So I photographed it from top to bottom in three overlapping sections. Then I put small images of each ‘panel’.  The quilt has roughly 5 rows with 3 panels on each row.  Each individual panel image links to its own page where I talk more about that specific panel.








Row 1:

Alana Wallace, African-American dancer and choreographer

Women walking and balancing large containers on their heads

Kathy Martinez, Latina, Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Labor







Row 2:

Kinte fabric

Tammy Duckworth, Asian American, U.S. Congresswoman

Krip-Hop dancer

DSCF1816Tammy DuckworthDSCF1800






ROW 3:

Audre Lorde, African American, writer

Village life

Gloria Andalzua, Latina, writer








ROW 4:

women and water

Amy Tan, Asian Amerian, writer

Kente cloth designs






ROW 5:

Wilma Mankiller, American Indian, Chief, Cherokee Nation

Pacific Island girl dancing

Barbara Jordan, African American, U.S. Congress, university professor