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Over the years, Corbett’s writing has been featured in a variety of venues, and has touched on wide-ranging themes including media representations of disability, parenting, sexuality, accessing health care, queer issues, and more. Her essays and articles have appeared in a variety of anthologies, scholarly journals, and magazines. Her first book, Fading Scars, is available through Amazon, and you can find more information about it below.

In addition to those print publications, Corbett has also planned and coordinated conferences, given papers at conference presentations, and directed audio and video productions that tie in to her writing. You can find out more information about those accomplishments in the “Other” writings category below, or by checking out the additional resources on the About Me menu.

Directory of On-Site Essays

DPPI Article

Early Days in Berkeley

Finding Nemo

Health Care Overview for Girls and Young Women With Disabilities

No Reflection in the Mirror: Challenges for Lesbians Accessing Mental Health Services

Sex, Disability, and Motherhood: Access to Sexuality for Disabled Mothers

Sexuality and Disabled Parents With Disabled Children

The Sexist Inheritance of the Disability Movement

Corbett’s Bibliography