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  • Welcome to the website of Corbett Joan OToole

    Corbett is an author and independent scholar documenting the history of people within the disability rights and justice communities. Her work has been presented widely, and her first book, FADING SCARS, is available through Autonomous Press.


Preserving the stories and histories of disabled people is critically important. Future generations need to know what we did, how we did it, and what we thought about. You can tell a short story with StoryCorps put your photos and papers into boxes and give them to an archive, and record your stories yourself and put them on the web.

Bring Corbett to Speak

Corbett is a dynamic speaker who enthralls audiences with her humor, insights and extensive knowledge of disability history. Her 40 years of talks cover the entire history of the U.S. Disability Rights Movement. She explores the intersections of women, and LGBTI with stories you’ll never hear anywhere else. Bring Corbett to speak and you’ll be glad you did.

Book Readings

Corbett’s book Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History is published by the Autonomous Press, which was founded and is run entirely by disabled people, led by Autistic folks. Other books currently available: Defiant by Michael Scott Monje, Jr., a novel, and Typed Words, Loud Voices, an anthology by people who type for communication, edited by Amy Sequenzia and Elizabeth J. Grace. You can follow all our book readings at

Corbett's Art for Sale

Corbett creates art that celebrates the experiences and histories of disabled people. She sells art through’s store. 100% of the monies from the sale of her artwork go to support disabled people. Her current focus is on funding scholarships for disabled people of color and neurodivergent people to the annual Society for Disability Studies conference. Check out more samples of Corbett's art through the Art portal at the top of the page.